Pearl Jewelry For A Classic

Pearl jewelry is one of the most classic, sophisticated and elegant pieces of jewelery that woman can have. Pearl jewelry worn alongside the black dress will look elegant and smart as well. Moreover, pearl sets will never let you look down and will look seriously smart. But yes, smart and classic doesn’t mean boring. With so many classic looks, pearl jewelery is wonderfully versatile and can be worn in different patterns and styles. Pearls these days are also combined with platinum and diamond to give the entire set a decent royal look.

To give your pearl set a different look you can also try mixing of strands of irregular beads or stones of different lengths. Pairing a classic pearl necklace with one which is of a different color and shape is another way to bring in a change to a classic look.

Pearl jewelery with jeans, sounds odd to you but these days mixing smart clothing such as a Chanel jacket with a top shop t-shirt is in vogue. And in the same way wearing jewelery, such as pearl chain with your favorite, washed out jeans also goes well in coordination. To further complete the looks simply, add those Prada shoes.

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